A GRIFFON vulture spent days in ‘tremendous pain’ before dying, after colliding with an electric power line in a national park.

After the collision, the paralysed bird was unable to feed before being found and brought to the Dunas de San Anton recovery centre, in Cadiz.

It had to be put down as its fracture was severe and had become infected with worms.

The collision happened on the road that joins Benalup in Cadiz province with the A-381, in the protected area of Los Alcornocales National Park.

According to the Serrania de Ronda Silvema Association, such incidents are common in the area.

Conservationists insist that crashes could be avoided by installing orange-coloured ‘diverter’ spirals to make power lines more visible to birds.

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  1. Olive Press meeting;

    Is everybody present? yes, ok let’s begin

    We need a headline article, a headline story

    anybody? (silence) anybody?


    .. ‘a vulture hit a power line in the Cadiz province’


    Let’s go with that.

    That’s great! Meeting over. Thanks for coming.

    ‘a fox got run over near Almeria too’


  2. Derek might think this is trivial but some people do actually like animals and birds and I think it is always sad when any living creature dies unnecessarily and in pain. I hope they do something about those power cables.

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