THE father of Ashya King has complained after UK border staff ‘treated him like a criminal’ at London Gatwick. 

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Son Naveed King uploaded a YouTube video showing police stopping them as they attempted to walk through border control.

Both of their passports were taken away and police were called as they attempted to re-enter the country.

Brett King said: “How would you feel coming back to your country to be treated like a criminal.”

This is the first time any of the Kings have gone back to the UK since fleeing in August.

Ashya King remains in Spain where he continues his rehabilitation at HC Marbella International hospital.



  1. Here we go again. This man would try to spin some kind of discrimination claim if the coffee shop gave him a latte instead of cappuccino by mistake. Who would video this stuff. What a pest. Perfectly understandable that the UK border control would see a problem with his passport. I wish he’d just go away and shut up.

  2. Interesting film footage but I don’t understand why he was being questioned at Gatwick or why there was a problem with his passport. Has he been out of the UK for too long perhaps?

    There is nothing of much interest to see on those computer screens, I have hovered on the other side of that very spot while my partner’s passport is being checked and it just confirms the details on the passport, nothing else.

  3. Funny – I’ve been pulled aside for a few moments several times at various border controls and never thought to ask to see what’s on the computer screen. Anyone else?

    Jane – maybe there is a question about his residency status?

  4. The Copsalways harrass the good people.the family did the right thing by taking ashya for protón. These people who critisise The kings cant be british we dont begrudge children a better life free from Pain and illness. These people who r complaining r probably foreigners having a freeby on all the british taxpayers get lost with Tour sneidy remarks. I wish the king family all the best

    tve golf peopld

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