WHEN Marbella Town Hall proudly announced back in August that it had persuaded the Michelin organisation to hold its annual awards ceremony in the town, no one could have foreseen that the rocket would turn out to be quite the damp squib that it was.

Even the PR company that had been instrumental in the coup later apologised with a ‘Lo sentimos’  email of apology to the many people who felt that the event had done absolutely nothing for Marbella.

Invites were limited to the chefs that Michelin had made famous, with friends and family, Michelin members and local dignitaries.

But what about the local foreign-language media? No British, nor Russian, nor German, nor Scandinavian were asked to attend and Spanish locals were equally ignored.

To list them all would be tiresome and possibly undesirable for the uninvited themselves, but the list runs into the many dozens.

So, dear Mr Michelin Man, if you roll into Marbella again, please do some groundwork and find out where your media interests really lie.


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