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Madrid sixth most-polluted European big city

granvia madrid e
granvia madrid

MADRID is the sixth most-polluted big European city, according to a new study.

Green group Ecologists in Action estimates air pollution causes 2,000 deaths a year in Madrid.

Locals have often bemoaned the ‘beret’ of exhaust fumes that cover up blue skies on still days.

While Ecologists in Action claims that in the first two weeks of January, Madrid has already exceeded one of the European Union’s annual health limits for poisonous nitrogen dioxide gas in the air.

Madrid has now breached the limit every year since the EU norms came into force in 2010, according to the group, has even attempted to sue authorities for breaching pollution limits.

In December it brought a lawsuit against Madrid mayor Ana Botella and environment minister Diego Sanjuanbenito.

However, with the court still undecided on whether to hear the case, Sanjuanbenito dismissed it as a publicity stunt ahead of May’s local elections.

He claimed the number of times pollution measurements have exceeded EU limits has declined since the PP launched its ‘clean-air’ scheme in 2011.

Tom Powell

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  1. “Diesels” haha. or are you serious. I hope not – as just a few minutes of research shows that to be a myth.
    Its more likely to be BREATH. Madrid is one the few cities worldwide where its socially acceptable to have the most foul rotten revolting breath – at all times of the day – and to go out and about. The number of times I had to get off public transport for fear of vomiting… or trying not to cry when people (standing waaay to close) would speak…
    Ahhh chorizo for breakfast. good ‘ol days.

  2. Do you drive a diesel BigJon? None so blind as those who will not see. Diesel particulates and nitrogen oxide are the invisible pollutants that kill. Do some of your own research. While you’re at it, cultivate a taste for garlic. Then you will find the breath of others ceases to be offensive.
    Unlike yourself.

  3. Thank you Stefanjo for living up to the stereotype.
    1) type diesel vs gas into a search engine and the first HUNDRED results explain why diesel is BETTER for the enviroment and the pocket. As you can’t for some odd reason i’ll give you the summary: higher energy density & better fuel efficiency.
    Just because you saw an old truck belching smoke isnt a valid argument.
    2) A personal attack and insults, because i observe a cultural difference. So Spanish of you. Instead of: “yeah its revolting how so many madrilians think its ok to stink” or “what smell? care for a bite of my breakfast-chorizo-with-extra-garlic&onion?” i see you are incapable of having a mature dicussion – interestingly this cultural attitude prevails throughtout all the PIGS countries.

  4. Chorizo for breakfast? It “may” happen, but you’re more likely to spend years never seeing such a thing in Madrid. Yes, hams, chorizo etc are eaten at various other times, but generally toastada, tortilla or something fattening (croissant, churros or porras) is taken at breakfast, with the coffee. That is, if anything – plenty still do without food at breakfast time.

  5. @giveUsAQuid: obviously i guessed it was chorizo for breakfast. As i dont have breakfast with people who have killer breath i really dont know what the problem is. I did once meet someone with halitosis, but that was altogether different. So i thought a semi-witty description would cover it. Of course i forgot that *any* criticism, no matter how well deserved, would result in personal attack.
    Even my years in India and Mexico didnt prepare me for Madrid Metro.

  6. BigJon : Your reply did not address the pollution factor of diesel, just the relative “efficiency” and cost.
    I still assert diesel is MORE polluting than petrol and your parameters for judging this are faulty.
    Bet your breath smells to a Spaniard too. Now THAT is personal and, like your comment, nothing to do with the subject.

  7. oh stefanjo, i’m sure you’re just a troll. of course my breath doesnt smell – not even to a frenchman, but thanks for proving yet again how juvenile you are.
    As for the topic, i explained that *any* amount of research reveals your ideas are just myths. i can understand old men remembering dirty trucks and tractors, but everybody else has the info at hand. You should be ashamed…

  8. Strange BigJon, how your slagging off a whole city is a “witty observation” and being told your breath may pong to others is “juvenile trolling”
    Oh well, I comfort myself with your complete ignorance of the content of nitrogen oxide and invisible particulates in diesel. Chug on BigJon.

  9. stef: you’re such a troll ;)
    No one slagged off a whole city. You making personal insults DOES prove your immaturity. And repeatedly stating myths that can so easily be disproved only clarifies your ignorance.
    You’ve dug yourself into a hole, again. i suggest you take a break, read a little, and perhaps ask your parents for an apology.

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