Devinder Kainth – who is known locally as Victor. Copyright :
Devinder Kainth – who is known locally as Victor. Copyright :

A PETITION has been launched demanding the immediate pardon of a British expat who killed a German paedophile in Sotogrande last week.

So far, an incredible 136 people have signed the appeal to release father-of-three Devinder ‘Victor’ Kainth, 40, who attacked Sandro Rottman, 43, after he videoed his daughter on a night out.

The petition launched last night is asking that fitness fanatic Kainth is released from Botafuegos Prison in Algeciras where he is currently being held.

The supporters, who include a mix of Spanish and expats, believe the businessman was more than justified in attacking the paedophile who had been arrested just weeks earlier for possession of child pornography.

The incident took place in the Spinnaker restaurant in millionaire’s enclave Sotogrande last weekend after the two men and various others had socialised apparently happily for some hours.


  1. I have signed a lot of these petitions. Most have seemed worthy, but I will be paying closer attention to future pleas after this one. By- passing due process is a slippery slope. Lynch- mob law follows. too easily.

  2. Sandro Rottman was a pedophile, that’s why he got killed.

    From El Mundo

    “Los guardias civiles encontraron numerosa pornografía infantil y, ese mismo día, detuvieron al pedófilo. Sólo unas horas después lo dejaron libre con cargos.”

    “The Guardia Civil (spanish special police) found numerous child pornography and that same day (January 9th), they arrested the pedophile. Only a few hours later released him on charges.”

    He deserved it. Most probably he died because of a punch in his diseased liver. He was dying from cirrhosis.

  3. None of that is relevant to this article Spaniard. The intention of this attempted petition is to by- pass lawful process. The killer should have his day in court like anyone else who kills. That is the only lawful way to determine guilt or otherwise.

  4. stefanjo; I was just trying to reply to Ken Devey: “Can any one explain what he was doing to make this guy punch him.” The dead man was taking photos to Devinder’s child, and he saw them with other pedophilic pics.

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