AN Italian appeal to have Spanish crime-inspired restaurant chain Mafia change its name has been thrown out.

The Italian government lodged the request for the restaurant to either be forced to change its name or be closed down.

But Spanish authorities insist that the word ‘mafia’ is so common now that it doesn’t specifically relate to the Italian mob.

The firm’s public relations manager Pablo Martinez said: “The word mafia is a brand that is immediately recognised, it’s a call to attention and everyone remembers it.

“We apologise to those Italians who feel offended but that’s not our intention.”


  1. And next, this long lasting democratic government of Italy will demand all ITALIAN names be removed from restaurants, food products, etc because that “may” infer a negative connotation.
    Spain & other EU countries SHOULD do that… Spain should change Italian to Spanish, Germany should change Italian to German…. et al. I hope that happens in the USA… Italy follows Greece!

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