Cut the kickbacksTHE ongoing practice of lawyers slipping estate agents backhanders for work epitomises the corruption that has seemingly crept into every facet of Spanish society.

The need to stamp out the unethical practice could not be clearer and should be made a priority for those operating within the lawyers’ code of ethics.

It is quite simply a conflict of interest and will lead to buyers losing out.

Already two lawyers and one agent have added their support to the Olive Press campaign.

We hope to have dozens more ethical lawyers and agents standing up to be counted over the next few months.

With a failure to regulate by law, somebody has got to stand up to protect buyers.


  1. From all the past warnings and media cover, anyone who is dumb enough to use an Abogado recommended by their Sales Agent- is dumb enough to get ripped off. A stupid act that avoids self protection. A reason why many illegal properties are sold… now numbering One Million in Spain!

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