A SPANISH journalist has recounted his chilling experience in the cold-blooded hands of Jihadi John.

Ricardo Garcia Vilanova and Javier Espinosa
Ricardo Garcia Vilanova and Javier Espinosa

The former Isis hostage, Javier Espinosa, endured over six months of psychological and physical torture before his release in March 2014.

The El Mundo correspondent’s account of the hell endured by 23 hostages in Syria included mock executions and humiliations before he and fellow Spaniard Ricardo Garcia Vilanova were released.

They were isolated, deprived of food, and slept within earshot of the nocturnal torture of other prisoners where ´the screaming would go on for hours’.

Isis’ butcher, the British national recently identified as Mohammed Emwazi, 26, carried an ancient antique sword almost a metre long and wanted ‘maximum drama.’

Their story can only be told one year later now that 15 hostages have been freed, six were executed and one – Kayla Mueller – reportedly killed in an air raid.

John Cantlie the Englishman is still under Isis, with his fate uncertain.

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