Tancrede de Pola
Tancrede de Pola

THE prospect of finding the right mortgage for you can be a daunting one… but fear not as help is at hand!

Mortgage brokers exist for two simple reasons; to save you time and more importantly to save you money.

However tempting it may be to cut out the middleman when searching for a new mortgage, you might want to think twice before going it alone.

Brokers deal with bank managers day in, day out and have been doing so for a number of years.

As a result, they build up strong relationships with all types of lenders which gives them the edge when it comes to finalising a mortgage agreement.

More importantly they know which lenders to go to and which to avoid, which inevitably cuts out a lot of wasted hours searching the unknown.

In fact, by using a broker, the borrower can avoid ever meeting with the bank manager unless he or she wants to.

The broker can even represent the borrower on completion at the notary if they are required to do so.

But the broker’s job does not end there. It is the broker’s prerogative not just to find a mortgage for the client, but to find the best possible match for the individual client’s needs and their circumstances. Lenders are still looking for the most credit-worthy clients but different banks have different criteria and it is important to match these correctly to ensure the mortgage is approved. In fact The Finance Bureau doesn’t even charge a broker fee until completion…in other words we are only paid on results.

A good broker will be aware of all the products available and where to find the best deal.

And the importance of finding the ‘right deal’ is imperative.

Without wanting to scaremonger, choosing the wrong mortgage option can have a catastrophic impact on the next 20 or 30 years of your life.

The broker is there to make sure that doesn’t happen.

So when the time comes it is important to remember that the broker is there to give you unbiased advice which wouldn’t be on offer if you went direct to the banks.

And more importantly, don’t forget that the broker is on your side.

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