Offending tweets
Offending tweets

SPANISH Home Secretary Jorge Diaz has ordered an investigation into anti-French and anti-Catalan tweets sent out following yesterday’s plane crash. 

At least four people sent out derogatory tweets making light of the Germanwings plane crash which went down in the French Alps en route to Dusseldorf, Germany, from Barcelona.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy today announced the country will have three days of mourning after it was confirmed that 49 of the 150 people on board the flight were Spanish.

‘The accident seems like a good idea to me if there were Catalans on it’, wrote one user.

Another wrote: ‘A plane full of Catalans and Germans that crashes in France. #Winwinwin’.

A third Twitter user replied to another: ‘hang on, hang on, let’s not make a drama out of it, there were Catalans on the plane, not people. SPAIN’.

And a fourth read: ‘I hope that plane took a few French with it’.

A home office spokesman said that the investigation will begin immediately under the supervision of the Guardia Civil’s cyber-crime team.


  1. And the Spanish wonder why the Catalonians want their freedom? The Catalonians feel completely disrespected and used. The Spanish strike out at anything Catalonian. They even called Shakira (who is Colombian) a traitor when she sang one song on her new album in Catalonian. Shakira is married to a Barca player. They treat the Catalonians like a conquered nation. If you hate them so much, give them their freedom and say bye bye! Oh, thats right, you can’t live without ripping off their money through taxes.

  2. Un altre subnormal escampant la seva merda a tort i dret.
    Gràcies a Déu que amb l’anglès de preescolar que escrius aquesta penya no haurà entès res.

    “The Spanish strike out at anything Catalonian.” Ja, ja, ja …..

    Bonissim, nen!

  3. I am Catalan, a relative of mine was on the plane sad, very sad, to show the world the reasons why we want independence, events like this have to happen. These xenophobic comments are only a minority. Yes, but I must say it is the tip of the iceberg. There are people in Spain who may understand the point of view of the Catalans, and are sensitive to the injustices suffered by our people. But the truth is also that these people are a minority. A vast majority have no sympathy for the Catalans evidenment this sentiment has been fueled by the national media, and politicians who have based their campaigns on promoting hatred to Catalans.
    There is a saying in Spanish that says: “Quien siembra vientos recoge tempestades” Who sows winds picks storms.
    history can teach us, how ended promote hatred towards minorities.
    Catalan people have tried to many different ways to fit in Spain, finally we realize that this is impossible.

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