Friday, August 14, 2020
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Germanwings pilot rehearsed crashing plane on previous flight to Spain before killing all 150 onboard in Alps crash

Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz rehearsed putting the plane into a controlled dive in the outward flight from Germany to Spain

Germanwings second black box found

The second black box from tragic Germanwings flight has been found

Germanwings massacre pilot’s girlfriend reported to be pregnant

Germanwings co-pilot's girlfriend was pregnant

Germanwings suicide pilot was under psychiatric care and was suffering relationship problems

Recordings from the black-box reveal that Lubitz purposefully crashed the aircraft

UPDATE: Gemanwings flight co-pilot named and was alive when plane crashed

UPDATE: A 28-year-old German with just 600 hours flying experience was in sole control of the doomed Germanwings flight

Germanwings crash may have been a ‘deliberate, suicidal choice’

Experts have revealed that one of the pilots was locked out of the cockpit, suggesting either suicide or illness of the remaining pilot

Spain investigates anti-French and anti-Catalan hate messages on Twitter following Germanwings plane crash

It has been confirmed that 49 people on the plane were Spanish

Caminito del Rey inauguration postponed as Spain mourns those onboard crashed Germanwings flight

The walkway will still open to the public this weekend

BREAKING: Plane carrying 148 people crashes in French Alps en route from Spain to Germany

The plane was travelling from Barcelona to Dusseldorf