THE second black box of the doomed Germanwings A320 flight has been found.PlaneCrash

The second of two boxes has been the subject of wreckage searches since the accident and is expected to contain key data.

The Barcelona-Dusseldorf flight, which carried at least 35 Spaniards on board and three Britons, was crashed into the French Alps by co-pilot Andreas Lubitz after he barricaded himself in the cockpit.

Alone, 27-year-old Lubitz sent the plane into an eight-minute descent which was fatal for all 150 people onboard.

The recordings from the first black box have revealed the pilot, Patrick Sondenheimer, trying to hack the door open and screaming “Open the goddam door.”

Lubitz’s background has been under scrutiny since ripped up sick-notes and evidence that he was treated for suicidal behaviour were uncovered.


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