THE girlfriend of the Germanwings co-pilot, who willfully crashed flight 9525 into the French Alps last week, is pregnant and the couple had plans to marry, say recent reports.PlaneCrash

Andreas Lubitz’s girlfriend, a Maths and English teacher, is reported to have told her class that she was pregnant.

The German pilot, 27, who is suspected to have had eye problems and was being treated for depression, was living with his partner, 26, in Dusseldorf up until last Tuesday’s crash.

The tragic flight which was bound for Dusseldorf from Barcelona, reportedly had 45 Spaniards on board.

After barricading himself in the cockpit alone, he set the plane into an eight minute slow descent into the mountains which would be fatal for all 150 people on board.

Lubitz had recently ordered two new cars for the couple, and investigations revealed a ripped up sick-note from a doctor which would have excused him from work the day he flew.

Transport for London this week removed 65 Germanwings digital adverts from the London Underground at the airline’s request.

The adverts featured the slogan: “Get ready to be surprised. Visit Germany.”


  1. I’m a bit confused too, girlfriend suggests a casual type of relationship that 18 year olds have whereas this bloke was clearly in a more serious/permanent arrangement so this woman should be referred to as his partner. I agree with Christopher, poor child.

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