THE national court has ordered internet providers to block, a popular music streaming website.

This follows the decisions to block The Pirate Bay torrent website last month on copyright grounds.


A study revealed earlier this year that an incredible 88% of online content watched in Spain is streamed illegally, making the country one of Europe’s worst offenders for pirated films and music.

But now that could all change as Spain toughens its stance on illegal streaming and downloading.

After its success in persuading a Madrid court to sanction blocking the Pirate Bay, the Association of Intellectual Rights Management (AGEDI) set its sights on Goear, which provides unlicensed access to an estimated four million tracks.

Early efforts to close the site were blocked by the Spanish court, overruling the Minsitry of Culture’s ruling that it was illegal.

But after reviewing the case, the c

ourt has backtracked and now given local internet providers just 72 hours to block


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