Catedral de Malaga

MALAGA is the new Barcelona, according to the Daily Mail… Now where have we heard that before?

It appears that where an Olive Press columnist ventures, the UK nationals follow.

Described as a ‘thriving cultural scene’ the UK national’s article has a sense of deja vu about it.

The parallel between the two Spanish cities was first made by Olive Press columnist Adam Neale as far back as February 3.

Pointing to the cost of living, as well as the cultural landmarks on offer, both Neale and then the Mail picked up on the growing popularity of the southern city.

And now our rival newspapers on the Costa del Sol have jumped on the bandwagon too, with articles appearing in both the Euro Weekly News and the Sur in English.

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  1. Wow!

    The OP and The Daily Mail need to get out more. Malaga is one of the ugliest ducklings in Andalucia. The swans are Sevilla, Granada and Cadiz.

    Malaga’s Soviet-style architecture, soul-less parks and apartment sprawl should be scraped.

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