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Golden Visa under threat

In the middle of February, Ireland and then Portugal announced that they were cancelling their versions of the so-called “Golden Visa” scheme. This program...

Doom or boom?: What’s in store for the Spanish real estate market in 2023?

MOST buyers and sellers I speak to these days keep mentioning the possibility of a downturn ahead. How could they not?  Just look at the...

A boom year for property sales on Spain’s Costa del Sol and Marbella

LAST year was an exceptional year for the Costa del Sol property market. Most of the agents along the coast, including us at Terra Meridiana,...

ESSENTIALS: What you need to know about getting a mortgage on your property in Spain’s Costa del Sol

In the first of a two part article, Terramediana gives some advice on getting a mortgage on the Costa del Sol


AFTER financial and pandemic crises, one trend is becoming crystal clear: the luxury market is the most resistant and dynamic of all!You might have...

ANALYSIS: House prices increased across the world in 2020 but Spain is different, writes real estate agent Adam Neale

Spain was the only property market worldwide where housing prices contracted over the last 12 months, according to a comparative survey of 22 countries...

TAXING TIMES: Post-Brexit taxes for British resident and non resident property owners in Andalucia

After the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union, the right of free movement is not the only thing to have changed for Brits...

How to choose a builder? Chris Warren of Renson Management tells Terra Meridiana everything you need to know

SETTING out to find the right contractor to construct your new home or property extension can be a daunting task if you are not...

Costa del Sol property sector eyes strong positives, writes Adam Neale

Home prices have risen solidly, that's true, but they remain well below the level of most major centres in Europe and other parts of the world

All you need to know about Spain’s ‘patrimonio’ wealth tax

Wealth tax is the one that takes many foreign residents by surprise

WANTED: Real estate professionals in Spain – no knowledge or ethics necessary

REAL estate is arguably the most important economic activity on the Costa del Sol and employs a good deal of its working population. A...

How does income tax for non-resident homeowners in Spain work?

IF you are a foreign citizen but a non-resident homeowner in Spain there is a tax that applies to you: Non-Resident Income Tax. In...

Why getting an energy efficiency certificate for your property is essential

Owners are required to contract a registered technician to produce a report

Sun still shining on Costa del Sol with record tourist numbers and the ongoing recovery of housing market

From January to the end of June, Andalucia welcomed close to 8.4 million visitors

The Homeseller’s Bible

Be a savvy seller to get the best price for your house and the swiftest sale possible

Why Estepona is blooming marvellous

Property expert Adam Neale reveals why Estepona's on the rise, but will it become the new Marbella?

The price you pay in Spain

In the final part of this series on Costa del Sol property development, we review the fees and taxes a vendor has to pay before starting work, during the build, and at the time of sale
property observatory IMG

Another year of growth, but more Arabs and even Americans buying

A new Olive Press Property Observatory has analysed what’s hot in property for 2016. Our panel of experts looked at key issues that continue to affect the market this year, writes Joe Duggan

Getting Spanish nationality and residency now easier than ever for foreign investors

Spain has introduced new laws and revised existing legislation to streamline processes

Property sales on the up in Spain

Property sales are back on track with multi-million euro purchases, a renewed sense of confidence and fresh hope for the future

Buying a new new home in Spain

Purchasing a brand-new or off-plan property in Spain can be more complex, and risky, than buying a resale home, unless you, or your lawyer, ensure you check the details and know your rights, before signing the contract, handing over a deposit, and until you receive the keys

Daily Mail labels Malaga the new Barcelona

Where OP columnists dare to venture, UK nationals appear to follow

K.O. the kickbacks: Olive Press launches campaign to expose shady property lawyer practices

Some lawyers giving estate agents ‘backhanders’ of up to 20% for working on conveyancing deals

The times they have a’ changed

Spain may not have emerged from 'la crisis' yet, but, in prime areas of the Costa del Sol, property is selling faster than it has for years

Is Malaga the new Barcelona?

International airport? Check. High-speed rail line? Check. Mediterranean lifestyle? Check. Sandy beaches? Check. Picasso museum? Check. Almost 1,000 kilometres apart, the two cities are closer than they seem

Virtually, the same old estate agent’s spiel

Although the internet has changed the property business, just as it has many others, it looks like estate agents will still be around for a while





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