ALMOST one in four Spaniards invent fantasy versions of what they did on the weekend.

road trip

This is more than the Brits and French, but less than the naughty Germans, one in three of whom tell fibs.

However, more than 5% of Spanish people lie on social networks during the weekend – claiming to be hobnobbing with celebs, being an extra on TV or catching criminals are the most extravagant tales.

A study revealed that weekends have become a social battleground with friends and colleagues competing for the most impressive claims for fear of seeming boring.

With more than 1 million Spanish people admitting they publish false information on Facebook, 28% of those surveyed admit they don’t always believe what they see online either.

Fess up: three most common weekend lies:

  1. To have been away on a mini-break (41%)
  2. To have partied the whole night (16%)
  3. To have been hanging out with celebrities (13%)


And the three top reasons why the Spanish tell porkies:

  1. Not wishing to appear boring (22%)
  2. Needing a conversation topic at work (22%)
  3. Wanting a more exciting life (19%)

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