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Major British businesses lobbying for the UK to remain in the EU

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euro-pound_1374810cA GROUP of key British businesses are lobbying for the UK to remain in the EU.

Bosses of defence company BAE systems, as well as BT and WPP, are among dozens of blue chip companies fighting to keep the UK in Europe.

It comes after David Cameron won the British general election opening the door to a promised in-out referendum for 2017.

BT boss, Gavin Patterson, claims an EU exit would threaten key deals with Spain, France and Germany. “The EU is a positive thing for business,” he said.

A study by German firm Bertelsmann estimated a ‘Brexit’ could lose the UK economy €300bn, a whopping 14% of the country’s GDP.

Meanwhile, the boss of bank Goldman Sachs, Michael Sherwood, said he felt ‘confident’ Cameron would restore faith in the EU.

Rob Horgan

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  1. The scaremongering propaganda has started early. Some Companies have vested interests. They imply there is no trade outside the EU! In three months to February the UK bought £22 billion more from the EU than it sold. German stats should be looking at the implications for themselves. The EU needs the UK more than the UK needs it.

    Why would EU countries not buy from the UK if not in their failed project. Do they not trade with the rest of the world. You can bet that what t hey buy from us is because they cannot buy it elsewhere, they don’t buy to do us a favour!

    British goods would be more competitive out of the EU. Food prices would drop and of course we wouldn’t have. To hand over £53 million EVERY day to a corrupt and useless EU.

  2. There won’t be an in-out referendum. The SNP will force another referendum and the UK will be busted. Cameron then won’t need to weasel out of his weasel words, like he did the last time.
    Conservative, Labour, Lib Dems, and especially SNP are EURO backed parties, and since the end of the 2nd world war, all those parties are working for the same ends – the total capitulation of UK sovereignty to a bunch of autocrats that have controlling interest in the major businesses that are needed for our survival.
    The only independence party is UKIP, and it had 4 million votes with only one seat, which is totally undemocratic. The SNP are mixture of English hating bigots, Republicans and brain dead sheep that are being led to the edge of the cliff. If there was democracy, the SNP would have only 32 seats with 1.5 million votes in total. The Conservatives are not dead in Scotland, 450,000 votes, which is an increase of 21,000 from the last election, with 47,000 UKIP votes, and that is with many areas not having a UKIP candidate.
    UK – RIP

  3. All of us British immigrants living here in Spain may, and I say ‘may’, have to think about this very carefully. At the moment, we enjoy all kinds of advantages here that may disappear if the UK exits the EU. For example, we have freedom of movement, access to the Spanish health system, the ability to transfer UK gained professional qualifications into Spanish ones, etc, etc. We have no idea how this might change should there be a UK exit.

  4. Oh dear Robert,
    you ruined an otherwise good post with typically Aryan hatred of a people who you stole land from and call it England – that’s a fact not an opinion.

    You also stole Scotland’s oil and sold it at $10 pb via Thatcher and Reagan’s plan to destroy the USSR. I don’t blame Thatcher and her hatred of both the Russians and the Scots, I blame the timid Scots for letting it happen – UDI in 71 would have made Scotland one of the richest nations on the planet – cowardice always has it’s reward and it’s never a good one, nor should it be. The recent referendum and it’s result disgusted me – what would the ancestors of those who voted no think of their descendants – frightened rabbits.

    Your comment on the EU is spot on. It was never the intention that an EU was for the benefit of all the European peoples and it’s infamous credo – ‘the free movement of capital and labour’, it was always about the elites and their profits, a classic example is the CAP – made for the big farmers and the agro-chemical industries. Now we have the notorious TTIP which effectively means that the Americans will now control not only our defence systems via NATO but also our commercial life as well.

    stefanjo, increasingly you disappoint me. You berate Marion with insults but cannot face the simple fact that the Pinkos are not trusted by anyone with an ounze of common sense or memory, that’s why you were slaughtered at the polls. You could have tried to rebut her statements of facts with others that support your view but by insulting her you showed clearly that you had none and lost.

    Just look at what a shower of shite the Labour party is – it deliberately has never called itself the Socialist party why not? because it is’nt. They take titles and sit in the House of Lords – what hypocracy, they let public school scumbags join the party, Blair is just one example.

    In 97 so many people voted Labour who never had before, because they thought they were voting for a social revolution to sort of replicate what the Norwegians/Swedes and Finns had.

    Think of all the simple things that Tony the Liar and Gekko Brown could have done that would have changed the UK for the better – I mean for the better of the overwhelming majority of the British people – torn up all the existing PFI contracts, rounding up all the perpetrators and charging them with defrauding the British people. Brought in a capital gains tax on all property transactions. Brought in rent controls just like the rest of Europe. Banned all upwardly only rent reviews on commercial property. Set up technical schools like the Germans have had for so long, funded by UK industry, same as Germany.

    Used special forces for lightening raids on all British controlled tax havens expropriating all assets and returning them to the UK. Banned all relocation of UK businesses to sweat shop countries. re-instated the strict mortgage lending criteria that used to apply before Thatcher.Stopped all immigration except for genuine ones escaping persecution. Set up properly funded training programmes like the Germans did with their redundant coal miners.

    So what would we have now stefanjo – housing at 40% of existing prices, no BTL distorting a genuine housing market and getting subsidised by the very people having to pay their extortionate rents. A whole generation of well trained young people with real prospects and thriving high tec. industries.

    Now let’s look at what they actually did – introduced 24 hour drinking which Brits simply cannot handle. Wanted to introduce super casinos – had the Nasty party done this we could all understand but the Labour party – incredible. Ramped up PFI projects. Let the City do what it wanted. Invaded Iraq with all the carnage and destruction that ensued. Invaded Afghanistan – how many British soldiers died and were maimed for what – American interests and the tripling of opium production. The slaughter of innocent Afghan civilians.
    Zero hour contracts – yes stefanjo introduced under Labour. A tsunami of economic migrants that don’t give a damn for our way of life. Labour councils that deliberately turned a blind eye to the horrific abuse of British girls over many, many years because of their PC (political crap) ideas and now you have the front to say that Marion has been an idiot to vote UKIP.

    The truth is stefanjo that the UK Left is nothing more than a sick joke and all those seriously disappointed Labour voters quite rightly could see no sense in voting for the Hampstead, arrogant university educated/brainwashed crowd of self seeking liars, so they voted UKIP and Nasty party.

    Robert made the point that there is no real democracy in the UK and in truth there never has been. Neither the Pinkos or the Nasties will ever consider real PR because they will never have the power to impose their sick self centred ideas on ordinary hard working Brits ever again.

    If the EU was ever to be considered to be remotely interested in the welfare of all European citizens then PR would have been a fundamental requisite for entry into the community. Esperanto – a unifying language for all Europeans would have been another fundamental introduced into every education system. At a stroke it would have wiped out the parasitic job of translaters and allowed all European citizens to work and holiday with ease in each others countries.
    Marion is’nt against a real European Union, nor am I but what we are against is corruption, consider – the President of the EU is a creep called Junker, who was the architect of all the corrupt Luxemburg laws that allow mainly but not only American companies to avoid paying billions in tax revenues. An open and basically honest EU would never have allowed the tax avoidance schemes to be introduced anywhere in the EU – it is’nt only Luxemburg but Ireland/the Netherlands/Isle of man/Channel islands it goes on and on.

    To whose advantage was the enlarging of the EU – there was only ever one winner – big business. And now we hear that there is a new message from the Labour party – we must be more business friendly – you simply could’nt make it up, they have learned sweet f/a from their catastrophic defeat.

    The question that any party that genuinely cared about it’s fellow citizens must ask is – is business a function of society or is society a function of business?

    Orwell was’nt wrong and 1984 came and went some time ago. The elite have got it spot on from their point of view – bread and circuses, it worked for the Romans and it’s working just fine for the European elites right now.

    Those who voted UKIP are’nt the fools you make them out to be stefanjo. Marcus Garvey was right – some shall rise and some shall fall
    but man never know himself
    until he’s back against the wall

    Your back against the wall stefanjo and insulting others is’nt going to help you – facing the reality that is the self centred shambles of the UK Left might. Try getting rid of all the Blairites,the public school crowd, the psuedo intellectuals, ban all PC words and statements, start speaking plain English, find respect for your fellow Brits instead of calling them racists – now that would be a start.

  5. Goodness me Stuart, you certainly read a lot into two sentences. A gentle jibe isn’t an insult or an accusation of racism. Try to understand, although I admit to believing in Socialism there isn’t a man-jack (or woman) in the Upper or Lower House who practices, represents or even pays lip-service to the idea. Frankly I hate and despise the whole shooting match.
    As for insulting folk who disagree with one’s views, well, you’re quite a dab-hand at that yourself.

  6. Whaw, what a comment Stuart, I agree with most of what you said. Firstly, I’m Scottish, and proud to be Scottish, but equally proud to be British. The SNP’s policies don’t add up economically, as they know they have Brussels Central Bank ready to prop them up if and when their day comes along.
    The Oil in Scotland is not Scottish Oil, it is UK oil, as we are all part of the UK. I might have billions of barrels of oil in my back garden, but it is money, technology and investment to get it out. That investment isn’t only in Scotland. Scotland has gained many benefits over the last three hundred years by having union with England, that is a fact. We also already enjoy a higher level of money from Westminster than England.
    The point is, that even when the policies of the SNP don’t add up, it does not matter to the people screaming for independence, because they are deep down, including Salmond and Sturgeon, people with a deep seated bias an resentment for English people.
    The only way for an independent state is to vote UKIP. That is why Farage’s election seat was rigged, and his party is continually stigmatised.

  7. The unthinkable could happen. Scotland could have another referendum, leave the Union. They would not be eligible to join the EU. UK votes to stay in. Interesting times.

  8. Who gives a scheisse what Bertelsmann say, conjured up figures from a German Company. Germany should butt out of UK politics, finances and decisions, they don’t rule the World despite previous attempts. Fed up with Germany, Merkel and Co dictating what everyone else does in Europe, that’s what started 2 World Wars.

    The UK is quite competent to deal with whoever it wants, even join NAFTA for more trade. UK pays the cash drain EU bureaucrats £6.5 Billion per year more than it receives. UK is home to the major World financial centre, Chinese/Russians, as well as French escaping punitive taxes are buying property in the UK. 10’s of 1000’s of people from the EU have moved to the UK for jobs including loads of young Spaniards. A Brexit would mean we can control our borders, Nigel told me that LOL!

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