TRAGIC: Cats found dead in a street and disposed of in bins
TRAGIC: Cats found dead in a street and disposed of in bins

RESIDENTS in Sotogrande are furious after 30 cats were apparently exterminated by poisoning.

The group of expats are particularly angry after they had been paying to have dozens of the area’s stray cats neutered at the cost of €50 each.

They believe the exclusive enclave’s rat population is now likely to soar after San Roque town hall brought in a pest control company to kill the stray cats.

Valerie Schulz, 56, said: “It has been horrifying. The cat population has dropped to less than half in just a few days. It is just so sad and so unnecessary.”
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  1. Horrific. I find it hard to believe that the town hall couldn’t have found a better and more humane way of controlling the cat population like a neutering programme for example. Very upsetting for the very kind expats who were trying to do the right thing – some of the cats in the picture may have already been neutered.

  2. @Zoe I am not condoning it but I have lived there long enough to know you can campaign all the time but a few expats are ignored. Most Spanish hate cats and regard them as vermin. Surprising with the amount of rats around they need the cats.

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