Brand backs PodemosBRITISH comedian Russell Brand has leant his support to anti-corruption party Podemos.

The self-confessed member of the ‘don’t-vote party’, Brand talked up a ‘new type of politics’ in his latest rant on YouTube channel The Trews.

After voicing his disdain for the British Conservative and Labour parties, the Essex man, 39, championed the progressive political views of Podemos and Greek party Syriza.

“Syriza and Podemos are parties that believe we’re not here to lead you, we’re here to serve you, we’re here to ‘represent’ you as the word suggests,” said Brand.


  1. It’s logical he should back Podemos. I live in Spain and they are the only party who talk about really important facts like why the f**k they are spraying us and putting fluoride into our drinking water. Additionally, a large part of their followers are “awake” and know how the monetary and political system works and also about the plans for the New World Order. Any political party not addressing these issues is just a joke. I, like Russell, have never voted because I hate the whole corrupt system, but Podemos have finally given me hope… I’ve always found Russell to be gobby, opinionated and irritating, but a lot of what comes out of his mouth these days makes a lot of sense.

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