jet 2HOLIDAY is a time for relaxing, having a few drinks and kicking back.

But it seems some tourists are taking this too far with rowdy mishaps on flights to Spain.

A Jet2 flight from Leeds Bradford to Alicante was redirected to throw a passenger off in Toulouse for ‘drunk and abusive behaviour’.

The man in question Grant Marshall has been issued a lifetime ban from flying with Jet2 and he may have to foot the bill for the unplanned stopover in Toulouse.

Marshall was part of a group of 14 who were reportedly consuming illicit alcohol, using intimidating language and threatening behaviour.

He was handed over to police in Toulouse and the plane continued to destination Alicante.

The budget airline is cracking down on bad behaviour on board and is publicizing its zero tolerance policy.

“We will not allow our customers’ holidays to be upset by an individual’s obnoxious behaviour,” said Phil Ward, Managing Director of

“We will not hesitate to prosecute individuals where necessary.”

The news comes just weeks after another man was banned for life from flying Jet2 – this time for exposing himself.

Tom Washington, 22, was flying to Majorca and waved around a sex toy in imitation of the safety demonstration before exposing a tattoo on his private parts to passengers and staff.

The Grimsby man said the incident was ‘a giggle’.


  1. The era of budget flights has encouraged all the riff raff to hold boozy weekends or stag parties in places like Barcelona and Benidorm etc. you can see them drinking pints at 8am. Not just Spain it is the same with Prague. I’ll stick with BA.

  2. Now airlines are wiseing up to these drunken louts i wish that the all inclusive hotels would do the same they spoil a lot of holiday makers vaccation when on holiday in Spain with their drunken and foul mouthed anticts.I wonder how many ever return to these hotels for a holiday other than a three day binge.

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