EurosSPAIN’S  jobs market is booming despite a more slow-and-steady economic growth in the Eurozone as a whole.

The ‘big four’ countries of France, Germany, Spain and Italy are leading the continent in creating a business bonanza, according to Eurozone service sector statistics.

In May, payroll increases were the highest in 91 months in Spain and hit a 41-month high in France, confirming that the sector is on the up.

May also saw overall Eurozone unemployment fall to 11.1% from 11.2% on the previous month.


  1. Good to see Spain is on the right track. A record fall of 118,000 in the unemployment figures, capping four consecutive months of falls. More importantly, the number of people paying into the system rose by 213,015 – 6,871 every day.

  2. Actually Eroski posted a profit of 90 million euros for the year to 31 Jan 2015 – You seem spectacularly ill-informed Fred. Not great figures for Eroski admittedly as their turnover declined slightly in 2015 – which is why the Dia chain have bought 144 stores from Eroski! Strange how Dia and Mercadona seem to be doing well and expanding, so not quite the spin you’re attempting again here on Spain. If a supermarket chain in difficulty reflected an overall economy, what could you say about £6.4 billion losses by a certain Tesco? Now that does qualify as “massive losses”.

  3. Squiddy, Tesco are not based in Spain, so irrelevant to this thread. Eroski, despite what you say, just posted very poor figures, so much so that is made the national press. No spin, just facts, as reported nationally in last weeks papers.

  4. Do these loses really effect the purchasing powers of the buying public or does it merely effect the balance sheets of these companies. Gains and loses drift from one company to another as they fight . to gain customers. We have seen the rise of Lidl, Aldi, 99p shops and such that have gained perhaps causing the loses of these companies and the gain has passed over to the purchasing public. So in a sense people actually gained and the original profits that were shown by companies were due to the over pricing. Mind you the cheapest is not always the best and although a Fiat will get you to the same point as a Roller it’s the comfort zone one needs to consider, the pocket. What say you.

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