la linea policeLA Linea’s drug problem is ‘out of control’, according to the Association for the Guardia Civil.

The group expressed its dissatisfaction with the ‘lack of personnel’ to tackle the problem.

The number of people involved in La Linea’s drug circle has reportedly tripled over the past year.

A spokesman added: “A worrying lack of staff and resources has led to an uncontrollable number of drug traffickers in the area.

“The Guardia Civil feel powerless in the battle against the drug dealers.”

The group is now urging the government to provide the Guardia Civil with greater numbers to help stop the problem.

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  1. Stands to reason with the abject abandonment and dereliction of duty from the Central Government towards Andalucia and La Linea in particular. They’re only interested in the bad press they can garner or cook up against Gibraltar and having a semi-slum next door whose ills they can pin onto Gibraltar.

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