KIDNAP SCENE: Guardamar del Segura

IT’S every parent’s worst nightmare: Their child is abducted and held hostage, threatened with death unless the kidnappers’ demands are met.

Such was the situation that befell a pair of British parents when their adult daughter, a British national residing in Guardamar del Segura, near Torrevieja, was apparently kidnapped by her romantic partner, also a British citizen and the father of her young daughter.

However, both the kidnapper and his alleged victim have since been arrested by the Guardia Civil for having faked the entire ordeal.

An investigation conducted by Instructing Court No. 4 in Torrevieja concluded that the couple planned and carried out the fake kidnapping together.

The man had an extensive criminal record and had previously lost custody of his daughter to the girl’s maternal grandparents.

The apparent kidnapper sent his girlfriend’s parents pictures of their daughter, bound and bruised, and threatened to kill her if the couple did not pay a ransom of 5,000 pounds and relinquish custody of their granddaughter.

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