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Olive Press launches first-ever Gay Pride supplement


GAY-PARADEIT is now one of the biggest events in the Spanish social calendar.

A raucous celebration of colour, variety and life, Gay Pride is everything it set out to be and more.

Madrid was overrun with the colours of the rainbow this June, in what was one of the world’s biggest Gay Pride events.

Now Torremolinos is gearing up for the Costa del Sol’s first official Pride festival this month.

It comes in a monumental year for the LGBT+ community worldwide. Gay and lesbian marriage is now legal in every single American state, as of this month.

But that was so last decade for Spain, which this year celebrates the ten-year anniversary of legalised gay marriage. Same sex couples have also been able to adopt children for just as long.

In fact, Spain was ranked the most gay-friendly country in the world by the latest Pew Research Center survey.

But, of course, it has not always been this way, and there is still a long way to go to reach true equality in sexual orientation.

The Olive Press is proud to present its first Gay Pride supplement, the first of what we hope will be a long, line of successful specials, promoting the very best of Andalucia’s LGBT+ community.

To download the FREE 10-page supplement, visit: www.allaboutandalucia.com/product/all-about-pride-2015/

Or read it online here:

Tom Powell

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  1. For Olive Press to take pride in perversion–for that is just what it is!–is just as shameful as those rebels against nature and their Creator who take pride in their disgusting behavior, pretending that such is normalcy and even laudatory.

    • Not that you have the capacity to learn anything, but just in case: Gay pride has nothing to do with being prideful about having sex. It is a mechanism to free oneself from shame imposed by many ignorant people, people who once controlled our cultural norms but now, thankfully, are at the margins of society where they belong. You all told us that we needed to be ashamed of ourselves. We say no, we are proud of who we are. Society agrees.

  2. Sorry, I am not perfect unlike you who has the sun shining out of somewhere I will not mention. I retract normal and put Heterosexual if that will help you understand what I meant.

    • Oh, I understand very well what you meant John, with your badly disguised bigotry. Similar nonsense about “unfair advantage” for minorities is spouted by people in other fields of intolerance. It’s a shabby old trick that fools no-one.

      • Hey but I fooled you :). I have no problem with gay people or if fact with anyone from other nationalities, country’s etc. But as you have jumped on the offensive so quickly I think you should be looking in the mirror.

  3. serious question now people…..are we saying being gay is now the norm,natures law says it is required,but are we saying there is no distinction whatsoever??? if so why do gays need so much media focus??? or are they considered still deviating from the normal rules of society??? if so are they deviates…….?……..my personal opinion is that behind close doors,its private, odd to me! but private….i dont want to hear about it 24 (7 though………. but there must be a distinction between a man and a women and same sex relationships or stable society crashes…dont it???????

  4. Yes PG it is the norm and if you think you can go against the flow then you will be stopped and if necessary the law will make sure you follow all the sheeple. Haven’t you noticed that just about everyone has a gay friend as one of their best friends. Make sure you take note of what GarySFBCN above says or you will find yourself on the margins of society where you belong. Luckily for you there are people in this world who are now bringing up their children as being neutral in gender. GAY=got aids yet was the in saying at one time from what I remember.

  5. ed…i didnt mean to offend you,if i did,i apologise……..however just because you are offended it dont mean you are right!!!!…and why am i lucky that some kids are brought up neutral gender???…..FYI i have some very good friends who are gay,and i have stepped in a number of times when they have been bullied,or people have tried, shall we say.why would i belong on the margins of society…….because you and your type would push me there??…….gays dont accept that so why should me and my “type”………..you sir are becoming the very thing you dislike….a bigot

  6. pg – I can’t see what is offensive in your first post however the second post must be a troll like myself as you can’t be the same pg. I am a bigot that is for sure but not a bi-got. And you do fit the picture of a modern perfect person with several very good gay friends. I haven’t found a gay friend yet but I do say hello to a chap from Trinidad who lives a couple of streets over from me. That way I can tick the box to prove I am not racist. To Jane – I haven’t given it a thought and too busy washing the breakfast dishes at present.

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