paellaDO you like paella? I love it.

This is not just a casual relationship. It is more of a passionate tryst.  When remains are brought from the hotel for me I am generally fairly indifferent – a dog needs to watch his waistline – but paella drives me crazy.

I am fortunate that my master says the paellas at Molino del Santo are as good as you’ll find anywhere.  I am doubly fortunate that the paellas are of a generous size so a percentage don’t get finished.

The lovely kitchen staff at the hotel are asked to keep any paella leftovers for me.

There is probably some EU law which says it is illegal to do this  but as I can’t read they don’t apply to me, I guess.

But it’s all not all easy pickins, I’m not allowed to have any of the leftover langoustines .  He says it’s because they have lots of sharp points which could hurt me. But I’m happy with his decision for a different reason: I find them hellishly difficult to peel.

Anyway, back to paellas, mixed are my favourite, with bits of pork, chicken and rabbit.  You should see my bowl afterwards; shining and spotless. All I leave are the clam shells. I find it challenging to extract the clams so I leave that to last but I do it. Nothing edible gets wasted.

So next time you visit Molino del Santo, try the paellas. But don’t be greedy, leave a little for me!

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