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HILLSIDE HOMES: Spain’s housing market is on the up and up

IN the first quarter of 2015 housing prices in Spain were up 1.6% from the same period in 2014.

This increase nearly doubles the overall Eurozone figure of 0.9%.

Further afield, some countries have seen much higher increases in housing prices.

In Ireland, prices are up 16.8% over the same period and in Sweden the increase is 11.6%.

Demand for housing has risen along with property prices, as many Spanish homebuyers have taken advantage of low prices on foreclosed properties.

Brits in particularly have benefitted from the pound’s sharp gain on the euro over the past two years.

Spanish housing prices still have not returned to their pre-crisis levels, but given these recent developments in the housing market, analysts are optimistic about the future.


  1. Not surprising that prices at long last are starting to crank up. Spanish home sales rose 17% in June….”Spain has become one of the fastest-growing economies in the euro area as exports surge and investment rebounds. The country is set to have the highest growth since 2007 this year.”… “”

  2. There’s a difference between ‘home sales are up and prices are down’, prices are not up, home sales are not prices, they fell in all regions other than Madrid and Barcelona in the 2nd quarter, 24/07 spi article. 22/07 spi article confirmed ‘home sales up but prices down in May’. So which articles and stats are correct, most likely the one produced by the Independent office of Tasacion?

    To comment with knowledge, one has to know the CDS as Marion and Fred do, as I do, we actually have homes there or have, or even visited regularly. At present, there are differing stories from agents. If a buyer, they tell you ‘it’s time to buy and is busy’, if a seller they tell you ‘still too may properties for sale, you must lower your expectations and price’

    Fact, QuidSquidDragon etc!!

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