TWO members of extreme sports company ActivitiSport will be charged with negligent manslaughter for the death of Kleyo de Abreu in a bungee jumping accident last week.

Kleyo De Abreu died last week just outside of Granada
Kleyo De Abreu died last week just outside of Granada

The Guardia Civil investigation has concluded that the company demonstrated neglect of necessary security measures, as the investigators suspect that the monitor did not employ sufficient measures to make sure that the woman could not jump without authorisation.

De Abreu was part of a group of 14 other bungee jumpers, to which the company only assigned one monitor.

According to the investigation, there may have been a miscommunication where after fastening her harness and hooks, the supervisor was on the opposite side of bridge when de Abreu jumped.

Police suspect that the cords attached to her harness were not sufficiently tightened, and could have resulted in her fatal fall.


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