A 36-YEAR-OLD Spanish man has died in Velez-Malaga after suffering from heatstroke while cycling.

The temperature was reported as 40 degrees
The man suffered a fever of over 40 degrees

The Junta’s regional health authorities insisted he had been taking ‘very intense physical activity’ around midday when he collapsed.

The man suffered seizures and a fever above 40 degrees and was rushed to Comarcal Hospital, where he later died.

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  1. Having once been a dedicated long distance cyclist, I am not surprised at this man’s death. On my first multi thousand kilometre tour of France in the heat of summer, I was warned that it is imperative to drink lots of water. No matter how hot it had become or the taste – drink. When your urine is a deep yellow you are already in danger.

    Being a member of the CTC forum I am amazed at the number of cyclists who tour Spain or any other country in extreme temps. What is the attraction. On my first French tour I turned back when the temps. reached 100F.

    Whereas winter touring is great even in very cold temps. Cycling generates a lot of heat so on really hot days how does the body dissipate heat into an already hot atmosphere. Cycling is’nt tainted by stupid nationalism – nothing better than meeting other cyclists at camp sites or on the road and sharing info and stories – all cyclists will be sorry to hear of this man’s death.

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