By Rob Horgan and Iona Napier

UP to 100 people have been left without water as the worst heatwave in over a decade continues to hit Spain.  

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 10.21.58 AMResidents, including pensioners and children, have gone for as long as eight weeks without water across parts of the Axarquia.

As many as 100 people are reportedly waterless in Colmenar, while homes in Velez-Malaga have also been left dry.

A lack of preparation by new mayors, Antonio Ferrer and Miguel Novoa is now being blamed for the water outage.

“It is utterly outrageous,” British expat Tony Byford, 63, told the Olive Press.

“It is not safe to let people go without water for so long, especially the elderly and children.”

He added: “They promised us water supplies two weeks ago, but the taps are still dry and the water trucks are nowhere to be seen.

“The mayor should have had a solution in place.”

A spokesman for Colmenar town hall said that there is ‘always problems with water in the area’ and confirmed that workers are trying to restore water flow back to residential areas.

However he declined to comment on exact support for those cut off.

Velez Malaga town hall declined to comment.


  1. Why don’t these people buy a lorry load of water to tide themselves over until normal service is resumed? They all have water depositos up there and a delivery of 10,000 litres costs 100 euros. They are on water meters so they won’t be paying the water company while there is no supply. It may not be ideal but it’s better than going without.

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