THE first home to produce more energy than it uses has been built in the UK by a Spanish architect.

The sleek house produces more energy than it uses
The sleek house produces more energy than it uses

Dubbed the ‘home of the future’ the house is built out of solar panels and utilises a number of energy storage systems and insulation techniques.

For every €144 of electricity the house uses it will push approximately €251-worth of energy back into the grid.

“This home could easily be the model for green homes of the future,” said project manager Phil Jones said.

“It is a massive step to conserving energy.”

Constructed in Cardiff, Wales, in just 16 weeks the three-bedroom house was the brainchild of Spaniard Ester Coma-Bassas.

Originally from Madrid Coma-Bassas developed her green ‘solcer’ house at the University of Cardiff alongside colleague Jones.


  1. Nice house. I wish the UK government would raise the standards of house construction to include as many green measures as possible along with places for parking and children’s play areas.
    So many houses in the UK are being built that are tiny boxes with little or no parking and nothing for the children all under the heading of affordable homes. In the UK “affordable homes” equates to homes that planners, councillors, politicians and even the architects would not live in.

  2. There’s nothing new here, the technology has existed for many years and similar house have been built and lived in previously.
    But they always quietly fade from view amid whinges about construction costs. As long as the private ownership of the means of Power, Social housing, Transport etc, remains in place, ventures such as this are doomed to be sabotaged and supressed by the greedy pigs who have seized what the people used to own.

  3. I don’t think it would be legal to build a house to that specification in Spain as the utility providers have made sure you can’t economically produce solar power by stopping feedback tariffs and/or storage of surplus for night time use. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  4. Why does it need to produce more electricity than it needs and why is it connected to the grid. Less solar panels = less build costs. Being connected to the grid does’nt come for free and the Nasty party has just slashed rebates as has the PP in Spain. Power companies and the elites are paranoid about grid free homes, they can’t dictate and control democrats/freethinkers.

    Why two floors, not clever where children or old people are concerned. As it is in Wales and in a tree free zone, why no use of the latest wind turbines which are far more reliable and produce more electricity than the old types, not up to speed there. Solar power, max. 8 hours except for solar trackers. Wind can be 24/7 in the right locations and even existing battery types mean that more energy can be stored, again why connected to the grid, especially with generator back-up.

    It is quite possible in Spain or France to build an alt. energy house with an air change system, no mention of that with this house for for around €65-80K + €20-30K for the land – that’s not expensive. I also see that it’s been built at ground level, think about it, there are two very good reasons why this is a no-no – designers still thinking inside a box of their own making. All theory should come from practice.

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