ONE busy day at The Pink Geranium restaurant I took a call from Lord Brocket (owner of Brocket Hall estate, home of several UK prime ministers and Lord Melbourne).

Pork medallions
Pork medallions

In a spot of bother he said could do with a chat about the Hall.  It turned out that Lord Brocket had buried his Ferrari collection in the grounds of Brocket Hall to claim some insurance money and he needed to lease the Estate to protect it else it may be in danger of repossession.

Anyway, after many discussions with the management we agreed that I should run the golf club restaurant and operate the weddings.

So on the launch day we invited all the local high and mighty.

One of the dishes on the tasting menu was Iberico Pork which I cooked nice and pink with Moscatel sultanas.

So here is my recipe for perfectly cooked Iberico Pork which is free range and fed on acorns and no chance of any worries of Salmonella so you can and should eat it pink! Enjoy.

Ingredients for 4

2 x 400grm approx. fillets of Iberico pork

1 small pack of Moscatel sultanas (approx. 150grm) soaked in cooking Brandy for an hour or so.

250 ml of red wine sauce (red wine stock made from gravy granules with garlic red wine and onion and passed through a sieve )

Squeeze of honey

Squeeze of half a lemon

Olive oil for frying

Half a wine glass of red wine

50 grm of unsalted butter

A dessert spoon of double cream ( Nata para Cocina)

Fresh tarragon leaves for garnish

1 tablespoon of Barbeque seasoning

Maldon salt and black pepper to taste



Trim the sinew off the pork fillet and season it with BBQ seasoning, salt and pepper

Add sultanas to brandy marinade juices and red wine and reduce until thick

Pan fry the pork (or BBQ) until brown and reduce the heat and cook for five mins turning all the time

Add honey, butter and cream to the sauce

Cut the pork into medallions  

Serve and pour the sauce around and drizzle a little over. The pork should be medium pink verging on medium rare.

Finally sprinkle some tarragon leaves on and around the dish.

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