Hutch was shot three times
SLAIN: Gary Hutch

KEY Costa del Sol gangland figure Gary Hutch has been shot dead.

Right-hand man to Irish drug lord Christy Kinahan, Hutch, 34, was assassinated in his swimming pool at the Miraflores complex near Marbella.

A previous attempt to bump off Hutch last year resulted in the accidental shooting of British boxer Jamie Moore, when assassins mistook Moore for Hutch.

Police are searching for the gunman who reportedly fled the scene in a balaclava and gloves after shooting Hutch three times.

The car he was driving was found burnt out in Cabopino in Marbella.

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  1. Dan, this is the second shooting in this area in just a week, and numerous other shootings and executions have occurded too. If you think that’s a good place to bring up a family then that’s fine, but I do not. Marbella has alas attracted a lot of undesirables and is becoming ever more violent.

  2. I am glad that it’s hard to get guns in socialist countries ! what amazes me is no body does anything about it no body grabs the shooter not one of all the tough guys around will!!!
    Jump on these punks ( who use 22 s) and stop this !!
    Also how the heck to they always jump in a slow car and seem to get away !
    It’s sad
    This is an amazing area and has so much to offer !!!love Marbella love the costa do sol

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