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DIRTY DOZEN: Check out our rogues gallery of notorious fugitives captured while on the run in Spain

As infamous British killer Kenneth Noye is released this month, and could be on his way to Cadiz, Claire Leibovich presents 12 expat criminals captured in Spain

Costa del Sol Kinahan clan have set up 200 companies in last eight years

Operating in 20 countries, the criminal gang led by Irish mob boss Christy Kinahan has specialised in laundering money though food wholesalers, bars and property companies across Europe and Asia

Costa del Sol-based Kinahan clan begin relocation to Dubai

EXCLUSIVE: The Irish expat crime syndicate, based in Estepona, is ‘working out an exit strategy from Spain’

Irish gang war claims life of sixth person as Gerry Hutch associate is shot in Dublin pub

A close associate of Spain-based gangster Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch has been gunned down in Ireland

Associate of Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch murdered in Ireland

Police are linking the attack to a string of murders between the warring Spain-based Kinahan and Hutch clans

Costa del Sol Kinahan clan to face money laundering charges in coming months, Spanish prosecutors say

However, chief prosecutor Julio Martinez has admitted that the probe into the Irish cartel has proven ‘less incriminating than anticipated’

Kinahan crime boss ‘Fat Freddie’ Thompson arrested in Ireland following high-speed chase

It comes after two gang-related murders in the space of five days

Gangland war about to ‘explode’ on Costa del Sol

Execution of Gary Hutch could spark gangland drug battle on Costa del Sol as crimelord Christy Kinahan flushes out disloyal associates

Irish gangland figure killed in his swimming pool in Marbella

Right-hand man to Irish drug lord Christy Kinahan, Gary Hutch was shot three times

Costa del Sol harbours Scotland’s most wanted man Derek Ferguson

Derek Ferguson is thought to be lying low in Marbella and Calahonda under the protection of the coast’s crime networks




Hilton to open new airport hotel on Spain’s Costa Blanca: Accommodation will be the closest available to Alicante-Elche

THE FIRST stone has been laid for the construction of the closest hotel to Alicante-Elche airport with a January 2025 opening date pencilled in. The...


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