Christy Kinahan and (right) Fat Freddie Thompson
Christy Kinahan and (right) Fat Freddie Thompson

MAJOR Kinahan crime boss ‘Fat Freddie’ Thompson has been arrested in Ireland. 

Thompson has been detained on drug charges in Dublin after a high-speed car chase.

It comes after two gang-related murders in the space of five days.

The first saw Marbella-based Kinahan collector David Byrne slain at an MGM Marbella boxing weigh-in in Dublin.

And then last night, Eddie Hutch Snr – the brother of notorious gangland figure Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch – was shot dead at his home by four masked gunmen.

Thompson had gone into hiding for some months following a fallout with the Kinahan clan.

However, he is understood to have cleared the air with boss Christy recently and was thought to be working for crime syndicate once again.


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