RING LEADER: Christy Kinahan
RING LEADER: Christy Kinahan

THE notorious Kinahan clan are shipping out to the Middle East.

The Irish expat crime syndicate, based in Estepona, is ‘working out an exit strategy from Spain’, the Olive Press can reveal.

Boss Christy Kinahan is about to leave ‘imminently’, revealed a source close to the gang, while his two sons have already left.

Daniel Kinahan, who owns various businesses in Marbella, has already relocated to Dubai on orders from his father to ‘keep his head down’.

He is believed to be staying with his brother Christy Jnr, who has been running the property end of their business from the UAE for some time.

The move has been sparked by an ongoing feud with rival Irish gang, led by Lanzarote-based Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch, which has resulted in a spate of murders in Dublin over the past six months.

Daniel, a boxing manager, who has links with a gym in Marbella, was the intended target of a shooting at a boxing weigh in at the Regency Hotel, in Dublin, in February.

“The Kinahans want out of Europe for the time being,” a source told the Olive Press.

Gerry Hutch
Gerry Hutch

“While they are here anything can happen, Europe is not safe for them while they are at war with Hutch.

“Daniel in particular has a target on him.”

Up to 20 senior Kinahan members reportedly met in Dubai last month for ‘emergency talks’.

The meeting is believed to have discussed the war with Hutch as well as piecing together a contingency plan for when Kinahan and his sons move to Dubai permanently.

The Kinahans currently run their €500 million operation from a luxury villa in Estepona.

Earlier this year, Spanish investigations said they were ‘extremely close’ to arresting the Kinahans in connection to money laundering.

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