Kinahan and Hutch
Kinahan and Hutch

A CLOSE associate of Spain-based gangster Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch has been gunned down in Ireland.

Michael ‘Mickey’ Barr, 34, becomes the sixth person to be slain in the escalating feud between Hutch and his Estepona-based rival clan, led by Christy Kinahan.  

It comes a fortnight after innocent father Martin O’Rourke was gunned down in a case of mistaken identity.

Barr – who is believed to have supplied guns to the attackers at a boxing weigh in at the Regency Hotel, in Dublin in February – was shot dead by a single assassin.

The shooting at the MGM Marbella boxing fight was an attempted hit on Christy Kinahan’s son Daniel. Kinahan associate David Byrne was shot dead as Kinahan escaped through a window.

The boxing shooting is believed to have been in retaliation to the murder of the Monk’s nephew Gary Hutch at his Marbella swimming pool, in September last year.

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