Artur Mas
Artur Mas

CATALAN president Artur Mas is to face the high court on October 15 over last year’s unofficial independence referendum.

Mas, whose Junts pel Si party secured 62 of 135 seats in Sunday’s regional elections, defied Spain’s Constitutional Court by holding the non-binding vote on November 9.

Former ministers Irene Rigau and Joana Ortega will also appear before judges this month.
Prosecutors summoned Mas, this week, accusing him of contempt of court, obstructing justice, abuse of authority and misuse of public funds.

While Mas laughed off the case as mere ‘political orchestration’, he and his deputies could be barred from public office if found guilty.

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  1. Adolph Hitler was an icon for the Spanish Fascists, so when people disobeyed laws created by his gauleiters in many conquered countries they were acting in a criminal manner – is that right Anselmo.
    Catalunya was an independant country that was invaded – why should they obey any ‘laws’ the invaders made. That’s like calling the Freedom fighters in lands conquered by the Nazis as bandits or murderers – time to let go of the brainwashing Anselmo and face reality.

  2. In 1934 some nationalist leaders offered to the fascist Italians to become Catalonia in a protectorate of the fascist Italy ,independient of Spain , in change of offering the catalans ports as naval bases for the italian navy.

    Catalonia ever have been a County, firstly belonged to the Franc imperium, after she belonged to the kingdom of Aragon and after to the entity formed by the union of the kingdom of Castilla and Aragon.

    The castillian invasion of Catalonia only exists in the imagination of the catalan nationalists , but not in the History.

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