Gibraltar policeIT may well be the shortest-lived prison break in history.

Following a tussle with a police sergeant an 18-year-old man escaped from his cell at New Mole House, sparking an ‘intense manhunt’ on the Rock.

However, just one hour and 45 minutes later and Sean Casey was back in handcuffs, with a bruised ego and a bitten thigh to boot.

Tracked down in Rosia Dale, Casey was taken down by police dogs after threatening to kill a policeman with a broken glass bottle.

He has now been sentenced to six months in prison for escaping police custody.

He was originally charged with threatening to kill a RGP officer, however those charges were dropped after Casey ‘showed remorse’.

Appearing for the defendant, Jay Gomez said Casey’s dash for freedom was not a premeditated action, but rather an ‘extremely stupid’ opportunist reaction.

He said Casey showed remorse and had entered an early guilty plea.

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