traffic-jam-spainSOME Spanish drivers spend more than one day a year sitting in traffic jams, with the national average being 17 hours.

Residents of Barcelona were backed up for 25 hours on average in 2014, a report from a driving data company reveals.

In Madrid, drivers weren’t far behind, kicking their heels in queues for 21 hours.

Spaniards spend 16% of their fuel looking for a parking space at an annual cost to motorists of €3.9 billion.

Another study by driving app Wazypark showed Spanish students spend more than seven hours a month looking for a place to park.


  1. How can this be, when we’re told here that everyone is either unemployed or working in a London bar? Somehow they can afford to spend all their time driving cars around looking for parking spaces….

  2. Fred reading the article saying from 17 – 25 hours a year, thinking people may have weekends off gives you around 260 days of travel. This equates to 4-6 mins approx per day.
    Now I have driven in Malaga in a car and sat in what I thought was a queue but I suppose as I do not live there that I do not know what a Spanish queue is.
    Please note people If you sit in a queue and live in Spain it is totally different than if you sit in the same queue but have residence in another country. Not sure what the queue becomes if you have duel residency. No doubt Fred will put us right as usual

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