Brian Blessed
Brian Blessed

IT’S not everyday you turn down an original Picasso sketched specially for you.

But that’s what British actor Brian Blessed did when he, aged 14, met the artist in Sheffield and asked him to draw a picture to prove his identity.

The sketch of a dove failed to impress the outspoken Black Adder actor and he threw it away.

“I said, that shows you are not Picasso, that’s not a dove… and in doing so I threw away about €70 million,” said Blessed.

The dove now hangs in a Sheffield gallery after it was picked up by a passer by.


  1. Signed Picasso sketches are very easy to come by and are not worth anywhere near 70 million. They can cost many thousands, but sketches rarely fetch millions. One can purchase many originals, in many different mediums, relatively cheaply. Daily Mail stories are written for 8 year olds, remember lol.

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