THOUSANDS of potentially disease-riddled lakes and rivers will be cleaned up in a €100 million operation.

The ministry of environment will evaluate 5,000 bodies of water across the country in the next six years in a desperate attempt to stave off disease.

The works are aimed at tackling potentially lethal waters in line with European directives.

Sam Hall at river
Sam Hall at river

In May the Olive Press reported on an E-Coli-infested river nearby a children’s play area in Estepona.

Despite residents complaints to the town hall and the Guardia Civil the Arroyo Hornicos has yet to be cleared up.

The Ministry has not confirmed if the Estepona river will be among the 5,000 bodies to be examined and the town hall could also not comment on plans to clean up the river.

An online directory of all the rivers inspected will also become available for the public to check on the water quality of nearby rivers and lakes.

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  1. Think of all the billions and billions wasted on irrelevent ego trips, airports and auto routes and that’s without the billions grafted away into tax haven bank accounts. Waste disposal and sewage systems are’nt sexy so no investment.

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