18 Nov, 2015 @ 15:19
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Barcelona star Neymar claims he may quit Spain over tax ‘attacks’

TAX TANGLE: No more Neymar 'attacks', says dad

NEYMAR’s dad says the Brazil star may quit Barcelona unless he receives assurances over his ongoing tax issues.

The European and Spanish champions are currently in talks with Neymar over his new contract.

TAX TANGLE: No more Neymar 'attacks', says dad
TAX TANGLE: No more Neymar ‘attacks’, says dad

But Neymar Sr claims his issues with the Spanish and Brazilian tax authorities could force him to quit Spain.

“Since we arrived to Spain we have been under attack (from the tax office) and it has extended to Brazil,” said Neymar Sr.

“For the last two and a half years, we have had to defend ourselves from accusations.

“We will respect Neymar’s contract with Barça but regarding the contract extension, we need a deal that gives us peace of mind for Neymar, my companies and my family.”


Joe Duggan (Reporter)

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  1. So speaks a prat who kicks a ball around and is grossly overpaid for doing so. Though not as overpaid as Rooney – £300,000 per week – disgusting to anyone who actually does a job that society needs.

  2. Greedy sod, probably started with nothing in Brazil, considerably richer than 90 something percent of his fellow countryfolk many of whom are in poverty, and he and his Dad don’t seem to want to pay their share of taxes and don’t like being probed. He needs a good kick up the 4rse, hilarious it’s a Spanish tax probe though!

  3. Rooney and Neymar both make more money for their clubs than they take out so how is that being overpaid? Similar to the Queen – if we had no Queen and didn’t therefore pay her then we would lose a damn sight more in income from tourism. People fly half-way around the world to see all 3 of the above-mentioned. Time moves on – football is a business and Rooney and Neymar are the players people pay to watch in person or on tv. Worth every penny but of course people are jealous of people with talent………..

  4. Bluemoon: Can’t agree about your assertion on the value of Lizzie and co. But as for footballers (boring pastime) who else should benefit from the huge amounts of cash swilling round the game? The people who “own” the players? The sheiks who own the infrastructure?
    Face it, if no-one kicks a ball, no-one earns any money. Obscene as this tune may be, the piper still needs a fair share of the pot, but, at the same time, has no case to moan about his tax bill.

  5. ‘Worth every penny?’ PMSL Never heard it called ‘similar to the Queen’ before.

    This is not just about being overpaid it’s more about tax dodging and Neymar will have accountants well versed in loopholes whether legal or suspect I imagine (allegedly IMO).

  6. If every professional footballer disappeared up their own rear end, then a lot of parasites who feed on them would have to find another source of un-earned income.

    Bluemoon, when are you moving to ‘the land of the free’. Football was once a sport but is now a puke inducing business, where fans have to fork out stupid sums of money to watch 90 minutes of divers, spitters and professional foulers.

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