MARIANO Rajoy’s ruling PP are on course to win 109 seats in the Spanish general election with PSOE second on 90, a new poll says.

RAJOY: Set to win, but not a majority of seats
RAJOY: Set to win, but not a majority of seats

Ciudadanos and Podemos are poised to win 60 seats each when the country goes to the polls on December 20 according to the Metroscopia poll.

A party would need to win 176 seats to secure an overall majority.

Rajoy and PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez take part in a televised debate live on Spanish television tonight.



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  1. I well remember a political poster from the early 70s – whoever you vote for, the government will get in (not you dummy)

    Lies will be told by the ton, fear will be a prominent weapon because serfs always respond to fear and the elite will carry on as usual – what’s the weather like today.

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