ski-sierra-3PURE mountain air, winter sunshine doses of vitamin D and a great workout for the body are just three benefits of skiing the Sierra Nevada.

And that doesn’t include the mental and psychological benefits of freestyling it down the mountainside in an exhilarating winter wonderland setting.

Although the dry mountain air is low in density and humidity, it has huge benefits for your lungs.

While six hours exerting yourself on the slopes can burn up to 3,000 calories, meaning you could  lose up to 2.5 kilos in just one week.

And there are many other physical benefits.

Stomach muscles get toned as you engage core muscles to keep your balance on slippery slopes.

Skiing is also a great cardiovascular workout, whether you’re a beginner or advanced: racing downhill increases heart rate, ups circulation which burns fat and reduces hypertension and cholesterol levels, while the mental benefits are just as important.

Essex University researchers have identified self-esteem benefits from the first five minutes of the endorphin-releasing activity, which has also been found to enhance memory, capacity for concentration and social skills.

“Skiing is great for family health. It’s an activity you do with your family, with friends or loved ones, which makes you feel great and has good emotional health benefits,” said Baqueira Beret resort health director, Aleix Vidal.

So snap on those boots and head off for the piste because it’s snow joke –  as well as a buff body, skiing can give you a beautiful mind.

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