cyclingKIDS in Spain are more comfortable on two wheels than most of their European counterparts.

Along with children from Holland, Denmark and Germany, Spain has been applauded by the European Union for teaching children the benefits of cycling.

A nationwide campaign to boost cycling in Spain began at the turn of the century, where just 1% of children commuted to school by bike, according to an EU report.

That has leapt to almost 15% with specific cycling lessons taking place in primary schools across the country.


  1. Yes, cycling is a really good way of diminishing fuel consumption and increasing exercise.
    But in Asturias it is illegal for anyone but pedestrians to use the 2.5 meter wide pathways along roads between, for example, Arriondas and Cangas de Onis, even though the secondary school serving Arriondas (Parres) in Cangas de Onis. My friends sent their children to Cangas de Onis using the special pathway, but were stopped by police and threatened with a fine (multa). This put an end to cycling to school unless they chose to risk their lives with careless trucks, motorcyles and autos on roads with no shoulders. The problem is similar between other towns in this area.

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