somaticsMUSCULAR pain and tension can be a thing of the past without a single stretch required!

Somatics is a way to release chronic muscular pain and tension by performing simple movements anyone can do. It is an active learning process allowing your body to move freely, creating new and improved movement patterns and natural posture.  

The Somatics movements re-produce the three natural stress reflex patterns our bodies ‘take hold of’ and help us to let go of them. They are corrective ‘exercises’  that retrain your brain to retain your muscles by gently working via the nervous system.

Most chronic muscular pain is down to ‘sensory-motor amnesia’. What this means is that muscles have simply forgotten how to let go and relax to their full resting length due to the way we habitually sit, stand and move, or through accidents or injuries.

Years of developing poor movement patterns start to take their toll and then we are often mistakenly told it’s down to getting old! In fact, we have merely subconsciously learnt to hold our bodies tight, which brings on back, neck, shoulder and hip pain. The good news is, these learned patterns can be reversed.

Unfortunately no amount of stretching, rolling or massaging will get the muscle to remember where it used to be. Sure, these moves feel great to do but muscles are controlled by the brain so it is at the brain level that we need to teach them to let go. The moves are very easy and relaxing to do, you are in control of your movements guided by your coach.

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