LESS than one in five Spaniards now support bullfighting, a new study has revealed.

The poll by Ipsos MORI for World Animal Protection showed just 19% of Spaniards aged between 19-65 backing the custom, down from one third in 2013.

DYING DAYS: Is bullfighting on the way out?
DYING DAYS: Is bullfighting on the way out?

Attendances have also dropped by 54% in the past seven years.

The decline was most pronounced among young Spaniards, with just seven per cent of 16-24 year old and 10% of 16-34 year saying they were in favour of it.

World Animal Protection regional director Ruud Tombrock said: “Outdated traditions of bullfighting and other cruelty towards animals in the name of culture are no excuse for the torture that it involves.

“And the torture of animals should have no place anywhere in the world, least of all in a modern, progressive nation like Spain.”

World Animal Protection recently delivered a 140,00-strong petition to the mayor of Medinaceli, where the Toro de Fuego features bulls having fire balls attached to their horns.

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