PEDRO Sanchez says he is prepared to form Spain’s next government if PP leader Mariano Rajoy turns down the chance to do so.

Speaking after talks with King Felipe at Madrid’s Zarzuela Palace, the Socialist PSOE leader said he would respect Rajoy’s opportunity to form the new administration.

PREPARED: Sanchez wants government chance
PREPARED: Sanchez wants government chance

But he also criticised the PP leader for failing to ‘negotiate and present a political project’.

Sanchez said: “Since 45 days ago, we have said democracy has no shortcuts and you have to respect the process.”

The POSE secretary general has said that Rajoy, whose party won the most seats at the December 20 general election, is obliged to try to form a government.

Rajoy turned down the king’s invitation to do so after the first investiture session, but is meeting the monarch for further talks today.

Speculation continues to swirl about a possible political pact between the PSOE, Podemos and Ciudadanos, although Sanchez has ruled out a deal with Rajoy.

Sanchez added: “The PSOE is ready to open negotiations from right now.

“I will speak with the PP.”

Spain has been without a government since the general election on December 20 failed to produce an overall majority for any party.


  1. Like ‘el pacto del Pardo’ and the ‘turno pacifico’, in which the corporate caciques fix the dynastic political parties led by Sanchez (Canovas) and Rajoy (Sagasta), to make the whole old system still operable. Little structural change since 1868.

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