THE husband of the Infanta Cristina has admitted in court his company had fake workers on its payroll.

A former accountant at Noos, Marco Tejeiro, testified in court earlier this month that Inaki Urdangarin had family members’ names on the payroll of his company Aizoon.

GRILLED: Urdangarin in the dock
GRILLED: Urdangarin in the dock

Urdangarin also denied charging commissions when he operated his non-profit company Noos Institute.

“I was in charge of what I was in charge of,” he testified.

“I had some advisors that helped with matters and some employees I didn’t know we had.

“I have never made commissions, absolutely not,” he said.

Inaki Urdangarin and his wife co-owned the Aizoon real estate company.

Urdangarin is accused of channelling €6.2 million earned in business contracts to private companies.

He faces a maximum of 19 years in prison if he is convicted.

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